Our mission is to provide an outsourced alternative to airlines, aircraft and helicopters operators, CAMO, MRO and AMO organizations needing specialist business expertise backed by broad aviation industry knowledge in order to improve their efficiencies, and to help them identify and work with new trading partners.

We know the industry challenges

  • The aviation market is changing rapidly
  • The industry has to face an exigent and fast growing demand which requires lower and lower prices; and has to accommodate ever-stricter rules and regulations, higher safety and security requirements
  • Low cost carriers are started in many places, some disappear directly after launch and some of them are very successful
  • Many acquisitions are being made, and large carriers are trying to consolidate or improve their positions by joining or extending large alliances
  • The unstable price of oil and the recent worldwide economic crisis have added more pressure and challenges to the industry than before

We know the aviation industry in Africa
Africa is currently the smallest market for the aviation industry but it has the biggest potential.

The Opportunities

  • In Africa, air transport is vital for socio-economic development, promotion of international trade, tourism and regional integration
  • Insufficient and/or poorly developed nature of other transport modes makes air transport best for linking the vast continent
  • The 14 biggest African airports represent more than 90 million passengers in 2007, with an average annual growth of 20%
  • Over the past decade, overall traffic growth in Africa has average 5.7% per annum
  • Africa accounts for 3% of passenger traffic in the world and 1.8% of freight traffic
  • Non-African airlines carry over 75% of traffic
  • The number of passengers carried by African airlines topped 53 million last year
  • Freight carried exceeded 800,000 tons in 2008 (increase of 5.9% over 2007 compared to global growth rate of 4.6%)
  • A number of quality airlines have emerged in more developed countries: Kenya, Ethiopia, South Africa, Nigeria, Mauritius, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Senegal, Botswana...
  • 58% of the aircraft in service in Africa is made up of ageing B727/B737/B757, DC9, MD80 and F28/100
  • 156 aircrafts are currently on order by African airlines

The Challenges

  • Safety and security remain a major priority and challenge in Africa
  • A lack of capital and high cost of accessing finance due to risk perception of airlines
  • Developing and retaining skilled human resources – stemming the brain-drain
  • Absence of conductive environment for airlines to position themselves
  • Lack of IT infrastructure and systems
  • Rapid regulatory changes particularly in the EU – community designation, blacklisting, ETS

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