Company Profile

Hi-Fly Marketing is a South African based aviation company, with a particular focus on engineering and technology systems for improving operational efficiency and safety.
Founded in 2008 in Cape Town Hi-Fly Marketing has very quickly reached an impressive professional know-how and a fruitful technical partnerships network in the industry, creating a niche for itself.

Experience of the industry
Knowledge of the African market
A multicultural team
Proven expertise
Woman’s touch
Based in South Africa
A strong network
Proximity and availability

Competitive and flexible pricing (retainer, projects, hourly consulting)
Customised solutions
Onsite support
Network of experts
Innovative vision
Cultural translators
Independence and neutrality

Understand and support your activity
Listen to your specific needs
Facilitate your negotiations
Assist your team
Find appropriate solutions
Develop your profitability
Improve your safety records
Allow you to comply with the regulators

Hi-Fly Marketing is based in Cape Town, South Africa, which provides a number of business advantages to our clients

South Africa is a stable and industrialised country with world-class infrastructure.
South African aviation industry is well developed and in a healthy state.
African nations are increasingly looking to South Africa for guidance, support, leadership and financial investment.
Local products and services are competitive in price and quality.

South Africa has more and more flight connections with the rest of Africa and is “proudly African”.
Traditionally southern African countries and English African countries have been dealing with South Africa.
There is an increasing tendency for west and central Africa (French Speaking) to build new business opportunities and partnerships with South Africa.

We are right here in Africa and we understand the specificity of your environment.


Contact Info


Tel +27 (0)21 813 6980
Cell +27 (0)82 574 9694

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Unit 406
79 Roeland street
Cape Town, 8001
South Africa